Wifi & Small Cell

Free Public WiFi

Working with our partner NCN, PTS has developed a model to provide free WiFi in high-density traffic areas funded through sponsorships and wireless carrier services. The demand for WiFi is continually growing and business corridors are finding it to be a necessary amenity to attract shoppers, business people, and visitors to their corridor.

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Small Cells & Other Wireless Services

PTS has partnered with NCN to combine WiFi with small cells. Small cells are fully featured, short-range mobile phone base stations used to complement mobile phone service from larger macrocell towers. Small cells operate at very low radio power levels – less than cordless phones, WiFi or some other household equipment.

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WiFi Advertising & Sponsorship

PTS is building out Free Public WiFi Networks in major cities and transportation hubs. The network is built on state of the art technology supporting Hot Spot 2.0. Engage your customers by advertising on the customer’s device when you have their attention.

Ads can be placed on the captive portal where they accept terms and condition, on the landing page or place interstitial ads during their browsing experience to reinforce your brand without being intrusive on the user’s session. People are relying more and more on WiFi with their mobile devices. Take advantage of geo-targeting based on a user’s location and optimize your return on advertising. Domination, sponsorships, and custom SSID’s providing customized branding are also available.