Small Cells & Other Wireless Services

PTS has partnered with NCN to combine WiFi with small cells. Small cells are fully featured, short-range mobile phone base stations used to complement mobile phone service from larger macro cell towers. Small cells operate at very low radio power levels – less than cordless phones, WiFi or some other household equipment. PTS and NCN install small cells at no cost to the municipality or location. As part of the building of the network PTS/NCN brings high-speed connectivity to the partner building.

In some cases, the buildings that do not have any high-speed connectivity, PTS/NCN uses available broadband programs to assist in bringing high-speed internet service to those buildings that may not have a high-speed connection to the internet using fiber. The installation of the broadband allows PTS/NCN to grow its network and for the property owner, the building is equipped with high-speed connectivity for the tenants with no construction costs and low rates for the tenants.


  • Improves cell service for customers, visitors, and employees
  • Provides high capacity allowing faster internet access to the user
  • Installed and operated at NO CHARGE to business or municipality
  • Carrier-grade service and equipment